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Konstanin A. Konstantinov was born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – an ancient city, one full of Roman ruins, museums, art, and houses of famous locals. His childhood is closely related to the Old City of Plovdiv – An original living museum, an architectural phenomenon with many of the houses of those times’ most prominent Bulgarians turned into museums, galleries hosting various art exhibitions, festivals and biennials, and even tourist dormitories.

Solo Exhibitions:

2019, Trier, Germany - ERA - Academy of European Law
2017, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (watercolor exibition) – Gallery Anastas/Dedication
2017, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria - City Gallery
2014, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Yes for you
2014, Gabrovo, Bulgaria – Centre for contemporary art
2014, Gabrovo, Bulgaria – ‘Orlovska’ 10 Gallery
2014, Oss, Hollamd – J Gallery
2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Anastas Gallery
2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Pironessa Galerry
2012, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – A+ Gallery
2011, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Pironessa Art Gallery
2011, Sofia, Bulgaria – Art Gallery ‘LIK’
2010, Sofia, Bulgaria – ‘Nelbo’ Engineering Building
2009, Sofia, Bulgaria – Irida Art Gallery
2008, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA – Alfa Art Gallery

Group Exhibition:

2018, 5th watercolor biennial, Basel, Switzerland – Degen Gallery
2018, 5th watercolor biennial, Belgrad, Serbia – A Gallery
2018, Paris, France, Arts centre - Villa Cathala
2018, London, England - Parallax art fair
2017, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Arsenal of art gallery
2017, Petrovac, Montenegro - City gallery
2015, Dordrecht, Holland - Galerie De Compagnie
2014, Sofia, Bulgaria, Astry gallery – Competition – painting 30/30
2014, Pleven, Bulgaria, City gallery – Competition – small forms
2008, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Red Pony Gallery – Traditional National Students’ Exhibition
2007, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Red Pony Gallery – Traditional National Students’ Exhibition
2006, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Red Pony Gallery – Traditional National Students’ Exhibition

Residency Grants:

2017, Watercolor symposium, Macedonia
2017, Art go to jazzy, Nis, Serbia
2017, Kolonia Bularica Art, Montenegro
2013, Casa Zia Lina, Elba Island, Italy
2012, Gorna Lipnica, Bulgaria
2012, Art house Dazdovnica, Bulgaria


2007 Fourth National Competition for Young Artists and Writers “The Sole of a Spring” in memory of Zhorzh Papazov III Prize in category “Art”


In this section you can see some of the videos that have been done in regards to my art.

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